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Which auto insurance to choose?

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Which auto insurance to choose? A question that many motorists ask themselves at the beginning of the year! It’s hard to make the right choices when it comes to personal or business vehicle insurance if you do not have the right advice.

Price, coverage, conditions, driver’s needs, essential concepts that are not all of equal importance. Let’s see how to analyze the offers offered by online insurers.

With each profile his insurance?

Place of residence, age, profession, age of license, all the information that counts in the calculation of your monthly payments. The premium is, therefore, a criterion function that you can not objectively modify! The young drivers are considered at risk and must, therefore, pay high premiums in the early years. Third-party insurance with minimum coverage is often chosen by those drivers with little experience in the eyes of insurers.

What about when you want to ensure a new vehicle and are young?

You can opt for a low-power vehicle, live in a low-risk area, or be a secondary driver on a vehicle that has a contract with one of your parents. These little tips can reduce the bill, but you will always increase automatically and whatever the insurance! Another obligation for any driver who does not like to throw money out the window: compare online and compete. If you are measured, terminated or in other cases, you may be considered “at risk” for insurers. The only way out is to go through specialized companies that counterbalance the risks and offer sometimes advantageous rates. If you are not in any of the two previous cases, then you do not have the hands on the calculation of your premium, if it is not the opening to the negotiation of your interlocutor! Or the online comparison of auto insurance.

Choose your insurance according to your vehicle

As you already know, the price of your car insurance will depend greatly on your vehicle and its characteristics. Fiscal power, the value of the vehicle, etc. A new vehicle has more interest to be insured in any risk than a used vehicle. When the vehicle is old, with low-value argus or with a lot of kilometers on the meter, third-party insurance will usually suffice. What is the point of paying each year to ensure any risk a vehicle that is worth less than the annual value of the premium? Again comparing auto insurance, can allow you to have prices with big differences.

Which cover to choose?

Choosing your car insurance is knowing how to combine good coverage with your driving habits. You need to determine in advance your needs and make them stick with the different levels of coverage:

  • Third-party insurance (or motor vehicle liability): this type of coverage covers the costs related to material and/or bodily harm to a third party. You do not have any guarantees on your car or none, but it is the minimum coverage that costs the cheapest. This type of insurance can contain breakdown insurance and replacement of the vehicle in case of breakdown without a great extra cost according to insurers.
  • Intermediate insurance (or enhanced third-party cover): a flexible contract according to your needs which includes a certain number of guarantees (broken glass, theft, other damages …).
  • All-risk auto insurance: this is the highest level of guarantee that can depend on the contract, enable you to obtain compensation covering the entire price of your vehicle in the event of a serious accident. You will usually be compensated quickly in the event of a claim.

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