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To avoid accidents, remember to change your brake pads

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Of paramount importance, the braking system requires special attention. The slightest malfunction of its components exposes the vehicle to road accidents. The brake system includes several parts, including brake pads to change regularly. When to change them? This service is done by yourself or by a professional? We answer all your questions about this element here.

The brake pad in a few words

Composed of metal support and a lining, the brake pad clamps the track of the brake disc for optimal braking by slowing the disc. There is actually a plate on both sides of the disc. Thus, there are four brake pads on the front axle and four others on the rear axle. But manufacturers can equip more powerful vehicles with more brake pads. The car brake pad is an ephemeral piece because it loses lining at each braking because of repeated friction with the disc. As a rule, they wear out faster than the discs, even if the discs also need to be replaced regularly.

Why and when to change them?

The brake pads need to be replaced when they are so low that the metal bracket rubs with the brake disc. The latter is then scratched and becomes ineffective. And in this case, even if new pads are installed, they wear out much more quickly because of the scratched disk. It will then replace these two parts at the same time. Continuing to drive with worn brake pads is very dangerous because they impair braking and make it difficult or impossible. And you are certainly aware of how much braking is essential to avoid road accidents such as collisions, loss of control of the vehicle and road exit when avoiding an obstacle, etc. In any case, several signals must alert you:

  • Wear indicator on the dashboard
  • Level indicator of the brake fluid.
  • Fine brake pads, whose visual thickness can be seen

Even without these signals, these car parts must be replaced every 30,000 km maximum. If the vehicle is used primarily in the city, replacement may be mandatory from 10,000km because braking is common.

Can we replace them?

The change of the brake pads is part of the intermediate level interviews that is to say that one can do it yourself if one is used to it. There are also tutorials on the internet to guide you. But it can also be entrusted to a professional. To do it yourself, it is advisable to raise the car beforehand and disassemble the wheels of the axle where the parts must be replaced. Disconnect the wafer wear indicator cable, making sure the indicator is correctly positioned and routed to reassemble it correctly when the pads are replaced with new ones.

Repair brake pads is essential to avoid road accidents. And with the many tutorials available on the internet, practically anyone can dismantle used pads to install new ones. But the pads are not the only elements to check and replace regularly in the braking system. to better understand the complete braking system and do not forget to check your tires too, because without them no ground connection and therefore no braking …

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