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The secrets of your insurance certificate

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Certificate of Insurance & Certificate of Insurance

First, you need to differentiate between the two documents sent by your insurer. This file is especially for young drivers, less used to administrative formalities.

The certificate of insurance (green sticker, green butterfly)

The certificate of insurance is the little green sticker affixed to your windshield, also called a green butterfly. It must always be displayed, the front – with the dates of validity of insurance – visible from outside the vehicle, even if it is stopped, parked.

When you go on vacation, it is proof that you have at least one compulsory insurance required by the law of the country where you are.

The insurance certificate

The insurance certificate is the administrative document provided by the insurer at the same time as the insurance certificate. It guarantees that the insured is covered for the damage or loss indicated, and contains a lot of information. Not to be confused with the certificates you must provide to your insurer.

What information do these insurance documents contain?

The green sticker

This is only proof that we are insured, it contains little information, but can be essential in case of problems. And that you will have under your nose, even if you have forgotten your papers.

  • The period during which you are insured (start date and end date); in the event of a collision, check immediately that the dates of the sticker of the other vehicle are up to date … it is the guarantee that it is insured!
  • The address and telephone number of your insurer.
  • The number plate of your vehicle.
  • Your car or motorcycle insurance policy number.
  • On the back of the green butterfly, the number to contact the insurance assistance, in France or abroad. Same for Moto assistance.

The green card (or insurance certificate)

It includes the information provided by the green sticker, as well as:

  • the territorial validity, that is to say, the countries where you can drive while being covered by your insurance (the small squares with the initials of the countries, barred or not barred),
  • vehicle information: category, make and license plate number,
  • your name and address,
  • the insurance information: the insurer code, the country code and the number of your insurance policy.

Sanctions for failure to submit insurance documents

Missing insurance certificate

If you do not apply the certificate of insurance on the windshield, the expected contravention is between 22 and 75 ??, not to mention the criminal risks incurred for a motorcycle or auto insurance default.

Non-presentation of the insurance certificate

The non-presentation of the insurance certificate in case of control is a punishable offense up to 135 ??. You have 5 days to submit the insurance certificate if you do not want to pay this amount.

And in case of loss of insurance papers, what to do?

If you lose any of these documents provided by your car insurance company or mutual motorcycle, your insurer will return them on request.

Remember to keep a photocopy at home: even if it is not valid, it can wait for the Agent in case of control, the time that the company sends you your insurance papers.

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