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The radar map cleared …

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We wanted to convince ourselves that automated radars were put in place to ensure our safety, more than the revenues that speeding fines pay to the state (and the corporations that govern them). Useful information for road safety has disappeared … in silence.


While the controversy over the removal of warning signs for the presence of fixed speed cameras was debated last spring, another category of information on road safety was disappearing: the fixed speed camera map in France, which was available online on the site. road safety.

Fixed speed cameras are often installed in places with a high risk of accidents. Some users understood this well. As responsible drivers, they used the map of fixed speed cameras in France to prepare a trip, in order to identify areas with accidents. It was an excellent tool to identify accidental places on a route, especially for departures on vacation, to ensure more serenity on the way.

A decision that does not go in the direction of security

This fixed speed camera map is no longer published. Reason:
“Following the decisions of the Interdepartmental Committee on Road Safety (IRB) of May 11, 2011, it was decided to delete information on the presence of fixed speed cameras, so the map is no longer available online.” 

A decision that can be considered regrettable. For “speeding enthusiasts” will continue to rage. The tools to allow them to break before the fixed radar are not lacking: detector type coyote, radio CB, etc.

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