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The announced increase in auto insurance premiums

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What will your automobile insurance premium be like in three years? If you find your car insurance already too expensive, your insurer does not agree with you. After years of tariff cuts, 2010 has broken with this tradition. Today, car insurers are massively considering increases of around 3 to 5% per year for the next three years.


What are the motivations of insurers?

To this question, readers will think: “To increase their margin on our backs”! The truth is more complex.
Since 2009, insurers are no longer benefiting from automobile insurance. Indeed, despite the steady decline in the number of claims in France, their cost continues to climb. Financial receipts from the collection of premiums do not pay for expenses incurred by claims and the cost of managing contracts.

Privilege new insured

An insurer may choose to increase the car insurance rate for new contracts or, instead, increase the price of contracts in progress at the annual renewal. The most effective for an insurance company is more often to increase the rate for loyal insured more than the call price for a new insured who must absolutely stay attractive.

How much will auto insurance cost?

Finally, what will the amount of your car insurance premium look like in three years?
It is very likely that your premium will not move from one year to the next if you have no claims and you do not already have the maximum bonus factor of 0.5.
Indeed, the increase in the general price of car insurance will be offset by the increase in your bonus. On the other hand, if you already have a bonus of 0.5, you will inevitably feel a contribution increase.

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