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Prison closes for a rip-off insurance scam

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Two cousins ​​were sentenced to prison terms for having swindled a motorist. With a plumb of iron and a well-grounded plan of attack, here is a ruse that could have made them pocket 1 250 ??.


The two Carcassonnais on vacation near Vitrolles made an old man believe that the latter had broken their rearview mirror. They then asked him for 1,250 ??

False insurer to support!

The two young hustlers managed to persuade their victim that he was behind their broken rearview mirror. After having passed a false insurer on the phone (a friend of theirs), the latter tells him that the bill amounts to 1250 ??.

But that’s not counting on the good sense of the old man. Suspecting the scam, he complains. Verdict: 6 months in prison for Paul, 18 months including 10 suspended for Bryan.

In other words, it is better not to play false insurers!

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