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Compare auto insurance in detail

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How to compare auto insurance with a selection of other car insurance.


Your car insurance comparison allows you to compare in detail the car insurance offers that seem best to you according to your chosen criteria.

Compare car insurance

Make a detailed comparison between several auto insurances

You can compare up to 4 auto insurance proposals between them. The detailed comparison will allow you to see for each auto insurance proposal:

  • the details of the deductibles by guarantee: free flight, ice breaking franchise, mileage deductible, etc.,
  • the death benefit (be careful if it concerns passengers: it may be necessary to take out a driver’s guarantee ),
  • assistance and towing in case of breakdown or accident,
  • the replacement vehicle,
  • the level of Civil Liability,
  • and many more details of each of the chosen auto insurance policies.

Select auto insurance to compare in detail

After clicking on “compare …” wait for a little: the time that the car insurance companies’ servers return the necessary data to display your detailed comparison.

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